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Sparkler Filter

The Sparkle Filter has wide usage in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for filtering out the foreign and unwanted elements from liquid. The filter is manufactured with two options viz. deep plate for high percentage of cake holding capacity & shallow plate for small percentage of cake capacity.

The filters constructed with excellent filter media ensure complete recover of product.

Operation :
  • Under positive pressure, the unfiltered liquid is slowly fed into the filter
  • In the filter, the liquid travels in downwards direction
  • Flowing downwards, the liquid reaches the opening on sides of the filter plates
  • As the pressure of the liquid increases, the filter media present in the system holds the foreign particles
  • The clear filtrate without any foreign particle gets passed through the central channel made by interlocking pressure cups to the outlet
  • The filtration in the sparkling filter is carried out until the holding capacity of the cake is reached or until the rate of filtrate flow becomes too slow

Available in:
The plates of sparkling filter are available in two sizes.
  • Deep plate: Large percentage of cake holding capacity
  • Shallow plate: Small percentage of cake holding capacity

Features :
  • Enclosed construction
  • Ensure no escape of oxidation, evaporation, leakage and fumes from product
  • Both the even thickness of cake and horizontal filter plate prevents cracking as well as the cake dropping
  • Better filtrate quality
  • Cake holding capacity and filtration area can be updated or scaled back easily
  • Compatible with any kind of filter media and all types of filter aids
  • Maximum cake stability
  • Complete recovery of product
  • Perfect sealing
  • No unfiltered hold-over

Applications :
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Edible oil
  • Food & beverage

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